The attorneys of Boyle & Valenti Law bring with them their unique talents and experiences to form a law firm that provides a wide array of legal services that are cost-effective and of the highest quality. While each concentrates in specific legal areas, they often times find that working together and employing each of their unique areas of concentration to a legal issue results in arriving at the best and most cost-effective legal resolutions for their clients. For example, a matrimonial matter may often times need to address and consider bankruptcy issues and the impact on matrimonial issues and proceedings. Similarly, a business enterprise is well advised to consider the impact a matrimonial matter or death might have on its ownership and operations, particularly with respect to a closely held business organization and to account for and address same in its organizational documents as well as may need to consider bankruptcy or reorganization as a potential solution to a particular legal issue or other business related concerns. Similarly, a matrimonial matter may involve and concern issues of business evaluations and business continuation as part of alimony and property distribution issues.


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